Create 4D models entirely in SketchUp (with the use of 4D functions) in no time.

By choosing a date in Sketchup, the Sketchup model is adapted to the situation on that date. All information is stored in the Sketchup file.

- Define 4D objects (tasks) in the 4D window.

- Select the necessary Sketchup entities and link these to the related 4D Objects.

- If needed automatically generate Sketchup scenes by date

- Ready!

Full Product

59,00 EUR

4D Modeling

The Pro version contains all Light functionalities and:

- Import/export scheduling from/to MS Project or Powerproject (Primavera and Open project coming soon)

- Intelligent datagrid: 4D objects can be sorted, filtered, grouped,...

- Custom attributes: Add extra attributes to 4D objects (eg. cost, m², link to webpage, image,...).

- Custom 4D Types: create and specify as much 4D Types as wanted

- Automatically generate images by date

- Automatically generate scenes by date

- Automatically generate 4D Text annotations see here

- Changed Visualization Visualize the differences with the previous date

Full Product

119,00 EUR

4D Modeling

Link Sketchup entities directly and dynamically to the scheduling software (no import of data).

SketchUp Entities and tasks are linked together dynamically into xD objects in an external database. Any modification within the schedule is immediately visualized in SketchUp. See here

- No duplicate data or update/import problems.

- Direct update of the 4D model when the scheduling changes

Besides all Pro functionalities, Ultimate also contains:

- Automatic Slideshow generation(PowerPoint) see here

- Gantt Chart: The 4D Project is presented in a Gantt Chart (new in release 2.0) see here

- 4D Movie generator beta: Create a 4D Movie of the 4D Project (new in release 2.0) see here
The 4D Movie generator is a beta version and will continue to run untill 31/12/2011. After that the Ultimate 2.0 can still be used. The 4D Movie generator will be fully incorporated in Ultimate 2.1

Currently only works with Microsoft Project 2003-2007-2010.

Asta Powerproject and Primavera under development.

Full Product

279,00 EUR

4D Modeling

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