PDF creation, quality control & job delivery in one go

Enfocus Connect ALL guarantees high-quality job delivery saving valuable time in production

Enfocus Connect ALL enables print service providers to facilitate hassle-free job delivery from outside clients, with a solution for creating and guaranteeing high-quality PDF's before they leave the designer’s workstation. 

Enfocus Connect ALL ensures that all files you receive comply with your specifications and can be transferred directly into your workflow.

It enables you to set up an unlimited numbers of applets called Connectors, which can be supplied to any of your customers.
Everything related to the PDF file’s creation and quality control is based on your own specifications, and files can only be delivered to you.

Connectors can be set to handle:

  1. One-click perfect PDF creation through Adobe Creative Suite or the print option of any other application, using Adobe Normalizer technology built into the Connector.
  2. Automatic PDF correction and enhancement based on Enfocus PitStop Action Lists.
  3. PDF verification using Enfocus PitStop Preflight Profiles
  4. Custom job ticket generation to help automate downstream processes
  5. Secure, completely automatic delivery of PDF or any other file type by FTP, HTTP, email, or directly into an Enfocus Switch automated workflow
  6. Connectors can optionally carry the service provider’s brand or choice of image on their desktop icons

Full Product

2.999,00 EUR



749,00 EUR



600,00 EUR


Create and verify high quality PDF files

Enfocus Connect YOU 11 creates perfect PDFs from ANY application and it’s as easy as “Print”!

Enfocus Connect YOU is an affordable, easy to use single-user solution that allows anyone to create high-quality PDFs and to deliver them automatically to a production site, including job instructions related to the file. PDFs are written to pre-set standards, then checked, corrected and uploaded automatically in one click. No special operator skills are required.

Full Product

99,00 EUR



79,00 EUR


Connect, collect and receive with ease

Using Connect SEND, customers can deliver files to any service provider without the normal email and telephone support required to ensure settings and delivery credentials are correct. Everything is pre-configured for customers to upload files automatically by dragging and dropping their files onto a branded Connector sitting on customers’ Windows or Mac desktops. Connect SEND securely and automatically delivers PDFs, images, native layout files or any other file type by FTP/sFTP, HTTP, Email, or directly into an Enfocus Switch automated workflow. Electronic job tickets can be defined so that relevant customer and job information is delivered along with the files.

Full Product

1.199,00 EUR



240,00 EUR


The industry standard for PDF preflight, auto-correction and editing

Your pocket knife for PDF preflight & editing

As a publishing professional, you know that PDF files can be troublesome to work with.They are not generated as expected, do not output as expected and more often than not you have to edit the PDF even though Adobe Acrobat does not support it.

PitStop Pro now brings you a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that offers the solution to those problems. From now on editing a PDF will be a piece of cake!

Full Product

699,00 EUR



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140,00 EUR

PDF Editor

The tool for high-volume PDF preflighting and auto-correction

Lift your workflow to an automated level

Manual editing tools such as PitStop Pro are amazingly powerful in correcting last-minute problems in PDF files and making them suitable for production.

PitStop Server takes that same power to an automated level; using a convenient watched folder architecture it allows you to automate inspection and correction of PDF files.

It's easy to imagine how preflighting can be automated using PitStop Server, but the opportunities are much larger.

  • Fixing common problems in PDF files
  • Adjusting the colors of PDF files for a particular output device
  • Adding stamps, watermarks or background templates
  • ...

Of course PitStop Server is built on the industry-standard Enfocus preflight engine to check all aspects of your PDF files and detect missing or corrupt fonts, incorrect colors, objects without bleed and much more…

It supports standards such as PDF/X, the Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications and the profiles created by your user association, publisher or printer.

You can generate a full pre-flight report that lists all problems found in your files; PitStop Server supports the same user-friendly preflight reports than PitStop Pro but also allows generating comprehensive XML reports.

Command-Line Interface

When more integration is in order, the CLI (command-line interface) included with PitStop Server makes it a breeze. An easy mode allows instant integration of the preflight and auto-correction capabilities with standard settings, while the advanced mode allows full customization using an XML-driven integration.

PitStop Server in bigger automated workflows

PitStop Server fits seamlessly into Enfocus Switch to provide preflighting and auto-correction of PDF files in a bigger automated workflow.

Automatically download PDF files from FTP servers or receive them through e-mail. Preflight them and notify your customers automatically of problem files. Combine PitStop Server's capabilities with other key publishing tools to create PDF files, do color management and ink optimization, image optimization, proofing, impositioning and more.

Full Product

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779,00 EUR



600,00 EUR

PDF Server

Automate tasks in your workflow and save time

Smart automation

Switch is a modular software solution that integrates with existing systems and drives third party applications to speed up job processing, reduce errors, and automate repetitive tasks. Automating tasks with Switch frees up your staff's time so they can focus on new revenue-generating activities.

Switch eliminates the need for people to perform repetitive tasks associated with receiving and sorting files.
It automatically downloads files from one or more FTP servers, receives them as email attachments, or handles hot folders. It then sorts files into different folders or transmits them to the appropriate destination in a flexible manner, so that each is ready for processing or archiving.

What you decide to have Switch do, beyond these simple functions, is up to you. For example, you can have Switch send notification emails to your customer service representatives or even directly back to clients, whenever needed. Switch enables automation and integration of 3rd party applications used in the graphic arts industry as well as MIS, DAM, Web-to-Print and databases. It also enables seamless integration for the Enfocus PitStop Server and PitStop Connect.

Switch is a reliable solution, even in demanding environments. Scalability and intelligence can be improved with optional scripting, database & metadata modules.

Full Product

1.500,00 EUR


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